Cytometry Facility (CF)

Cytometry can rapidly provide quantitative information regarding a wide variety of cellular properties, including DNA content; expression of surface, cytoplasmic, and nuclear antigens; receptor-ligand interactions; chromosome analysis; phagocytosis; target-effector cell binding; ion fluxes; expression of genes or gene products; and various light scattering properties. Thus, flow cytometry is extremely useful for a broad range of basic research projects as well as clinical monitoring studies.

The mission of the Hillman Cytometry Facility (CF) is to:

  • Train investigators, their students and staff to use analytical cytometry to its fullest advantage in their research;
    • Basic and advanced training in the use of all facility cytometers is offered continuously.
    • Facility is available to trained users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • High speed workstations are equipped with a selection of cytometry analysis programs.
  • Provide high quality cell separation by fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS);
    • Facility is operated as a BSL-2+ facility.
    • Can sort live human cells and cells transfected with retroviral constructs.
  • Consult on experimental design, analysis and assay development, which is available to Hillman investigators without charge.

The CF offers several platforms:

Analytical Cytometry High-Speed Bio-Contained Cell SortingNanoString RNA and Protein Probe Technology