UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Research Programs

Biobehavioral Oncology Program

Promoting innovative, interdisciplinary research on the role of mind and brain in cancer

Stethoscope and Pink Ribbon

Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program

Translating novel women's cancer research findings into personalized prevention and treatment interventions
Early Lung Cancer

Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Program

Understanding cancer risk and the effectiveness of novel cancer prevention methods
Natural Killer Cell and Tumor Cell

Cancer Immunology Program

Facilitating basic and translational research in immunology, immunotherapy, and immunoprevention of cancer
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Cancer Therapeutics Program

Developing innovative approaches to drug treatment of solid tumors and hematologic malignancies
Human Papillomavirus

Cancer Virology Program

Identifying and characterizing cancer-causing viruses, and exploring oncolytic viruses as therapeutic tools
Neck anatomy (NCI SEER Training Module)

Head and Neck Cancer Program

Elucidating the biology of head and neck cancer, and designing and implementing new strategies to prevent, detect, and treat this malignancy
Lung Cells

Lung Cancer Program

Defining molecular pathways of lung cancer development and progression, and developing improved prevention, detection, risk prediction, and therapeutic strategies
Melanoma Cells

Melanoma Program

Investigating melanoma cell biology and developing and implementing new therapies for melanoma patients

Molecular and Cellular Cancer Biology Program

Examining fundamental aspects of cancer cell biology