Merkel Cell PolyomavirusOver 1 in 5 cancers worldwide are caused by infections. The Cancer Virology Program (CVP) is dedicated to research on the viruses causing human cancer as well as using viruses as tools to fight cancer. CVP investigators are focused on four major research themes: (1) Viral Oncology; (2) AIDS-related and Immune Deficiency-related Malignancies; (3) Viral Vectors and Gene Therapy; and (4) New Pathogen Discovery.

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Research Themes:

Viral Oncology

Investigations focused on basic tumor virology to understand how viruses and viral and host proteins contribute to human cancer

AIDS-related and Immune Deficiency-related Malignancies

Studies of cancers arising in the setting of AIDS, organ transplantation, or other conditions associated with infection or immunosuppression

Viral Vectors and Gene Therapy

Development of vector-based vaccines, oncolytic virus therapies, and vectors for gene delivery

New Pathogen Discovery

Search for and identification of viral agents that cause or contribute to human cancer using genomic technologies