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WCRC Awards


Congratulations to Dr. Mei Zhang for receiving a Jon Shevell Young Scientist Travel Scholarship!

Congratulations to Dr. Mei Zhang for winning the Susan G. Komen Career Catalyst Research Grant!

Congratulations to Dr. Steffi Oesterreich, Newly Selected Komen Scholar!

Congratulations to Dr. Adrian V Lee for winning the DOD Breast Cancer Program Breakthrough Award!

Congratulations to Dr. Carola Neumann for winning the Susan G. Komen Community Grant!


Winners for 2015 WCRC Retreat:

  • Speed dating: Ali Nagel (1st) and Nilgun Tasdemir (2nd)
  • Talk: Amir Bahreini (1st), Roni Lahr (2nd)
  • Poster: Amanda Clark (1st), Tiffany Katz (2nd)

Tiffany Katz, PhD has been named one of Pittsburgh's 40 under 40 for 2015.


Congratulations to Sreeja Sreekumar, PhD, Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program, on receiving the Susan G. Komen Postdoctoral Fellowship award.

Winners for 2014 WCRC Retreat:

  • The winners for speed dating: David Gau (1st) and Greg Logan (2nd)
  • Talk: Priya Mittal (1st), Teresa Hagan and David Boone (2nd - tie)
  • Poster: Rebecca Watters (1st), Jyothi Mony (2nd)

Congratulations to John Skoko, PhD (1st Place, Title: Prdx1 redox and cell signaling changes utilizing steady-state concentrations of hydrogen peroxide) and Ryan Hartmaier, PhD (2nd Place) on winning the poster awards (both in basic science category) during the 2014 UPCI Scientific Retreat.

Congratulations to Becky Watters, PhD, on winning the following at the ICE/ENDO 2014 meeting in June.

  • Outstanding Abstract “A Naturally Occurring SRC-1 Variant Correlates with Clinical Bone Loss and Increased Osteoclast Activity in a Novel Mouse Model”.
  • Presidential Poster Competition for the presentation of her work

Congratulations to Mei Zhang, PhD and Stephen Thorne, PhD for receiving the UPCI pilot grant.

Congratulations to Yi Huang, MD, PhD and Nancy Davidson, MD on receiving the DOD Breakthrough Award “Targeting Histone Abnormality in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer”.


Congratulations to Susan Farabaugh, PhD, Breast Cancer Research Program, on receiving the DOD Post-doctoral fellowship award.

Congratulations to Adrian Lee, PhD on receiving the prestigious Breast Cancer Research Foundation award for his work on Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) signaling and endocrine regulation in breast cancer.

Winners for 2013 WCRC Retreat:

  • The winners for speed dating: Amir Bahreini (1st) and Courtney Anderson (2nd)
  • Talk: Matt Sikora (1st), Swati Suryawanshi (2nd)
  • Poster: Rekha Gyanchandani (1st), Aaron DeWard (2nd)

Congratulations go to the following investigators for each receiving a UPCI pilot grant ($5k):
Xin Huang, PhD “Identification of co-factors for hypoxia-inducible factors”.
Yi Huang, MD, PhD and William Laframboise, PhD “Role of LSD2 in Epigenetic Gene Silencing in Breast Cancer”.
Carola Neumann, MD, Carolyn Anderson, PhD and Stephen Thorne, PhD “Generation of an in vivo syngeneic mouse model to monitor the contribution of Prdx1-function in breast cancer metastasis”.

Congratulations to Rebecca Watters, PhD, Breast Cancer Research Program, DOD Post-doctoral fellowship award for “SRC Selectively Promotes Bone Metastasis”.

Congratulations to Hannah Rabinowich, PhD, Professor of Pathology & Immunology, who received refunds for research from the Breast Cancer Coalition.

Steffi Oesterreich, PhD, DOD (CDMRP) Ovarian Cancer “Understudied orphan receptors - Novel treatment targets in ovarian cancer?”.

Richard Steinman, MD, PhD, DOD (CDMRP) Breast Cancer “Real-Time Visualization and Manipulation of the Metastatic Trajectory of Breast Cancer Cells”.

Xin Huang, PhD (American Cancer Society, Research Scholar Grant) “The Mechanism of miR-210 Regulating Cellular Metabolism and Tumorigenesis” and Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) Liz Tilberis Scholar Grant “Novel Strategy of Metabolic Targeting Ovarian Cancer: Focusing on the Tumor Hypoxia Pathway”.


Adrian Lee, PhD received proclamation from the Major for breast cancer awareness month on behalf of MWRI/WCRC, Panera, and YWBCAF.

Nancy Davidson, MD received the 2012 Potamkin Award from the PA breast cancer coalition. This award carries a $10,000 prize and is presented to an outstanding leader of the breast cancer research community. – Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition Conference


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