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1st International Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer Symposium

2016 ILC Brochure

Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer (ILC or ILBC) is an understudied subtype of breast cancer that affects 26,000-34,000 women in the US annually. There is increasing evidence that it has unique molecular, etiological and clinical features that deserve further studies with the goal to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Towards this goal, 130 researchers, clinicians and advocates from around the world met on September 29-30, 2016, at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

The keynote lectures were delivered by Dr. Patrick Derksen (University Medical Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands) and Dr. Mitch Dowsett (Royal Marsden, London, UK), and presentations centered around Epidemiology and Genetics, Pathology, Imaging, Unique Biology of Primary and Metastatic ILC, LCIS, and on Preclinical Studies and Therapeutics. For more information, view the agenda and abstracts as well as the slide presentations. Meeting organizers are forming a taskforce to identify the most important action items and next steps, as well as the 2nd International ILC Symposium to be held in 2018.

Patient advocates played an important role in the organization of the meeting. These efforts were led by Heather Hillier, a member of the Pittsburgh Breast Cancer Research Advocacy Group (bcRAN). A Q&A session with the breast cancer advocates was held on the evening of the first day of the meeting. At the closing of the symposium, the advocates presented their conclusion and immediate goals. A “White Paper” written by patient advocates in attendance (spearheaded by Leigh Pate) is being finished and will be presented to important stakeholders including national and international breast cancer organizations, advocacy groups, and foundations.

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