Dr. LuketichThe mission of the Surgical Oncology group is to provide state-of-the-art, specialized and individualized surgical care to patients with cancer. Our team of surgeons has particular expertise in a number of highly specialized technologies and has helped to develop or refine such cutting-edge methods as:

  • laparoscopic colon resection, adrenalectomy, pancreatectomy, splenectomy, and liver surgery
  • sphincter-sparing surgery for lower rectal cancers
  • minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgery for pancreatic cancer
  • chemoperfusion for tumors isolated in the arm or leg or tumors that have advanced into the peritoneal cavity or liver
  • concentrated regional chemotherapy infusion for liver metastases

Surgeons partner extensively with UPCI medical oncologists to provide patients with the latest combined therapies, including neoadjuvant therapies, as well as treatments for advanced disease such as intraoperative delivery of biological therapies or hyperthermic chemotherapy for advanced abdominal malignancies. These combinations are aimed at achieving maximal tumor destruction while preserving organ function. Novel and promising biological therapies developed by basic research faculty are translated into clinical trials, providing innovative treatment options for patients suffering from advanced disease.

Visit the UPMC Division of Surgical Oncology website.

For Patients

For more information on radiation therapy, visit the UPMC CancerCenter Oncology Surgical Services website, or click here to find a clinical trial.