University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)

Career Enhancement Program (CEP)

Co-Leaders: Kirsten Moysich, PhD; Shashikant Lele, MD, FACOG; Francesmary Modugno, PhD, MPH

2015 RFA

Year 1 CEP Projects:

  • Development of a novel immunotherapeutic strategy for ovarian cancer patients using tumor-recognizing CD4+ T cells. (Junko Matsuzaki, PhD)
  • Overcoming ovarian cancer-associated immunosuppression by regulating Th17/Treg plasticity. (Natasa Obermajer, PhD)

Year 2 CEP Projects:

  • Genetic characterization of cancer testis antigen-rich tumors and their microenvironment. (Kevin Eng, PhD)
  • Targeting multiple immune inhibitor receptors on tumor infiltrating T cells and their ligands on epithelial ovarian tumors. (Ruea-Yea Huang, PhD)

Developmental Research Program (DRP)

Co-Leaders: Kirsten Moysich, PhD; Robert P. Edwards, MD; Francesmary Modugno, PhD, MPH

2015 RFA

Year 1 DRP Projects:

  • Infection in the etiology of ovarian cancer. (Jo Freudenheim, PhD)
  • Invasive ovarian cancer models for treatment with oncolytic virotherapy. (Danuta Kozbor, PhD)
  • Evaluation of novel immune biomarkers for ovarian cancer. (Brahm Segal, MD)
  • Inflammation and intratumoral immune checkpoint activity in ovarian cancer. (Anda Vlad, MD, PhD)

Year 2 DRP Projects:

  • TAK1 signaling in ovarian cancer progression and recurrence. (Andrei Bakin, PhD)
  • Prediction of individual susceptibility for toxic side effects in chemotherapy of ovarian cancer. (Peter Demant, MD, PhD)
  • PD-1 and TGF-b blockade in TCR-engineered T cell immunotherapy for ovarian cancer. (Richard Koya, MD, PhD)
  • Intratumoral regulatory T cells expressing Tim-3 and PD-1 as a target of immunotherapy for EOC. (Binfeng Lu, PhD)