University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)

Advocacy and Advisory Committees

Patient Advocates

The Advocacy Committee assists the RPCI-UPCI Ovarian Cancer SPORE in collaborating with established advocate networks in western New York, Pittsburgh and nationally, in enhancing minority participation in all aspects of the RPCI-UPCI Ovarian Cancer SPORE, and ensuring that the concerns of ovarian cancer patients, survivors and their families are addressed.

Patient Advocacy Committee

Deborah Erwin, PhD
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Shelley Dodt
Cancer Survivor at University of Pennsylvania

Ruth A. Modzelewski, PhD
Pittsburgh Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

Kathleen Maxian
Co-Founder, President, WNY Ovarian Cancer Project

Internal Scientific Advisory Board

Candace Johnson, PhD
James Mohler, MD
Alex Adjei, MD, PhD
Christine Ambrosone, PhD
Roberto Pili, MD
Elizabeth Repasky, PhD
Jennifer Grandis, MD
Jill Siegfried, PhD

External Scientific Advisory Board

James Allison, PhD
Tyler Curiel, MD
Ellen Goode, MD
Kenneth Nephew, PhD
Anil Sood, MD
Antoni Ribas, MD