University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)

Head and Neck Cancer SPORE

Core A: Administrative

Robert L. Ferris, MD, PhD, FACS, Co-Director
Jennifer R. Grandis, MD, FACS, Co-Director
Jonas T. Johnson, MD, Co-Director

The Administrative Core will continue to provide oversight of all SPORE activities, including the Projects, Cores, Developmental Research Program, Career Development Program, and activities carried out under the auspices of SPORE supplements. The Core:

  • ensures compliance with all local, federal and NCI regulations and requirements
  • is responsible for communication and consultation with NCI personnel in preparation of all required reports and publications
  • is responsible for all fiscal and budgetary functions. The Core organizes all meetings including the monthly SPORE investigators meeting, meetings with the Executive Committee, and meetings with the Internal and External Scientific Advisory Boards
  • establishes and monitors policies for the recruitment of women and minorities, both as participants on SPORE trials, and also as SPORE investigators
  • coordinates travel of SPORE investigators to all NCI-sponsored SPORE meetings
  • interacts with the Developmental Research Program and the Career Development Program to ensure smooth functioning of these SPORE components
  • coordinates activities with the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute to ensure that joint activities between the UPCI Head and Neck Cancer Program and the Head and Neck Cancer SPORE are efficient, and that the programs are complementary and synergistic
  • interacts with the NCI Program office to ensure that the SPORE guidelines are followed, and that the mandate of the SPORE program is carried out
  • facilitates collaborations with other UPCI SPOREs, as well as Head and Neck Cancer SPORE programs at other institutions

The Core has also played a key role in changing project directions, developing new projects, and initiating collaborations with input from both the Internal and External Advisory Boards.