TrueBeamRadiation Oncology investigators are developing and testing innovative technologies, and evaluating novel applications of existing technologies, to maximize the chance of cure and minimize the risk of treatment-related toxicities for cancer patients. To advance the field of radiation oncology, research is being conducted within three inter-related divisions:

  • The Basic Science Research Division develops methods to treat acute and chronic side effects of radiation therapy. Current studies are focused on the development of new small molecule radioprotectors and stem cell transplant techniques for organ protection.
  • The Physics Division coordinates and streamlines communication of treatment plans and quality assurance documentation between physicists and physicians at 21 radiotherapy practice sites in the United States and two international sites in Ireland. Studies are underway in this division to understand the interplay effect between the motion of multi-leaves and tumors, and exciting and novel tracers are being evaluated that could predict long-term response to cancer treatment very early in the course of therapy.
  • The Clinical Services Division ensures the highest quality radiation oncology treatments are provided to patients on UPCI protocols. This level of care also extends to patients at community cancer centers participating in clinical pathways developed within the University of Pittsburgh Department of Radiation Oncology. Investigators are testing new radiation oncology treatments in clinical trials.

Visit the UPMC CancerCenter Department of Radiation Oncology website.

For Patients

For more information on radiation therapy, visit the UPMC CancerCenter Radiation Oncology Services website, or click here to find a clinical trial.