University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)


Greg Bednarz, PhD Associate Director of Physics
Sushil Beriwal, MD Professor
Residency Program Director
Steven Burton, MD Associate Professor
Colin Champ, MD Assistant Professor
David “Andy” Clump, MD, PhD Assistant Professor
Melvin Deutsch, MD, FACRO Mercado Professor
Michael Epperly, PhD Radiation Biology Course Director
John Flickinger, MD Professor
Joel S. Greenberger, MD, FACRO, FACR Claude Worthington Benedum
Professor and Chairman
Marsha Haley, MD Assistant Professor
Dwight E. Heron, MD, MBA, FACRO, FACR Chair Clinical Affairs Radiation Oncology
Professor Radiation Oncology and Otolarynology
Saiful Huq, PhD Director Medical Physics
Brian Karlovits, D.O. Assistant Professor
Ryan P. Smith, MD Professor
Residency Program Co-Director
John Austin Vargo, MD Assistant Professor

Adjunct Professors

Ajay Bhatnagar, MD Adjunct Assistant Professor