University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)

Personalized Cancer Medicine Information Management System (PCMIMS)

Vision and Strategy

The Personalized Cancer Medicine Information Management System (PCMIMS) is a joint venture of the UPMC CancerCenter, UPCI, and UPMC Enterprise Analytics that will be the foundation for our evolving efforts in developing and delivering personalized cancer care. This vision includes providing an adequate Information Technology (IT) infrastructure which will enable clinicians and researchers to perform cohort discoveries, manage datasets and perform complex analysis all in a secure and traceable environment.

Enterprise Analytics

A focus will be on bringing the clinical, genomic, consumer and financial data together through the construction of an enterprise analytics data warehouse, thus enabling hypothesis testing through visualization and interactive tools that support user interrogation of an integrated dataset to enable behavior, process and practice change.

Breast Cancer Pilot

We will set out to accomplish these aims through a proposed pilot project for breast cancer, which will allow us to:

  • Improve decision making for breast cancer patients in the next two years, thereby improving outcomes for these patients in the short term,
  • Establish a scalable model for efficiently extending the PCMIMS platform to various other cancers including prostate, lung, head and neck, melanoma and others,
  • Establish the foundation for the next generation PCMIMS platform which will incorporate highly complex omics datasets even more fully into day-to-day patient decision making,
  • Expand the platform for comparative effectiveness analysis and other translational and clinical research in the area of personalized medicine in cancer,
  • Increase the efficiency of moving discoveries from the research bench top to the clinic, and
  • Ultimately reduce the number of unnecessary tests and procedures to our patients.


DNA StrandIntegration of molecular data sourced from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) into the TRC omics data bank will provide researchers centralized access to TCGA clinical and omics data. UPCI and UPMC are major contributors of breast cancer tissue to the national TCGA project. These tissues have undergone extensive molecular profiling and provide a unique opportunity to develop and implement processes for integration of this omic data into clinical decision making.

Enabling Tools

At the foundation of the PCMIMS framework is Oracle’s Translational Research Center (TRC) toolset and data model. This technology will be used to enable researchers, clinicians and IT staff to normalize, aggregate, analyze, and control all the diverse clinical and molecular data needed to support basic and translational research as well as Personalized Medicine. TRC provides an open platform for open source and proprietary analysis algorithms and provides full traceability. Key components which will be available are:

  • Cohort Explorer
  • Clinical Development Center
  • Oracle Healthcare Data Warehouse Foundation
  • Oracle Omics Data Bank

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