UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

March 2012

Network MapBy now you may have noticed a small but important change to the UPMC CancerCenter name – we've started moving toward using UPMC CancerCenter instead. Over the course of the next several months you will be seeing it more and more as we reach out to our employees, the press and the community with our message.

The move to our new name, UPMC CancerCenter, reflects our wish to encompass the totality of UPMC oncology services under one singular brand– from our comprehensive medical, radiation, and surgical services delivered through our network of more than 35 locations to our multidisciplinary Specialty Care Centers to our women's and pediatric programs. It also embraces the exceptional work of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, which is distinguished as western Pennsylvania's only National Cancer Institute- designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

What's the relevance of the new logo? Well, it reflects our unified approach to cancer research and care. Applying good science, investing in smart technology and putting patients first are critical to everything we do.

As part of one of the nation's largest health systems, UPMC CancerCenter provides many entry points for patients seeking cancer care. Convenient access through many community locations is a cornerstone of our cancer network. But this accessibility has led to the need for our patients to interact with a variety of different and sometimes potentially confusing entities within our organization as they proceed through our continuum of cancer care. The UPMC CancerCenter name represents the opportunity to unite all our partners in a single entity that offers high-quality cancer care and research programs with a single exacting focus – providing the best possible outcomes for our patients and their families.

We also hope that the new name embodies our sense of unity in the quest against cancer – a singleness of purpose between our patients and their doctors, our basic researchers and our practicing oncologists, our administrators and our nurses. Our cancer team relies on the selfless and seamless work of thousands of people in order to run smoothly and successfully, from people behind the scenes who manage facilities and appointments to our volunteer greeters who are the first people patients often see when they walk through our doors. Our network is exceptional because we know that the quality of care and our compassion are the same whether you are being treated in Pittsburgh or Johnstown.

Our new name represents everything that makes up a premier cancer center—one team united under a single identity to work toward a single goal—the eradication of cancer. The name will allow patients, health care workers and indeed all members of our community to identify UPMC CancerCenter and everything it represents. I hope you will join us in embracing our new name as we move forward. Wear it and share it proudly – UPMC CancerCenter. For one, we are many. For many, we are one.