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Giving and Development

Endowments, Major Gifts, and Other Naming Opportunities

Endowment funds play a fundamental role in supporting and helping to advance the mission of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. Endowment funds are permanent legacies that provide significant donor recognition as well as vital annual income in perpetuity for UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.

For more information on endowments, major gifts and other naming opportunities, please call our Development Office at 412-623-4700.

Stanley M. Marks, MD OHA Endowed Chair in Hematology/Oncology Leadership

This endowed chair has been established and named through a commitment of more than $2 million, with $1.2 million given by 100% of the physicians of the Oncology Hematology Association (OHA) and $1 million given by UPMC. This permanent endowment will support the recruitment and retention of outstanding leaders in the Division of Hematology/Oncology, to enable this division to continue its excellence through the 21st century and beyond. The chair will provide funding that will make an important impact on the clinical care of our patients throughout western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, support training of new professionals devoted to hematology/oncology, increase the understanding of diagnoses, and support the development of improved treatments. Such a chair is a cornerstone of an academic organization where individuals’ careers encompass many responsibilities.

The establishment of this chair through the generosity of his colleagues and his organization recognizes Dr. Marks’ meaningful accomplishments to promote the hematology/oncology clinical practice and research in our region, his outstanding stewardship and loyal leadership, his business acumen and community-wide trust, as well as his own philanthropic leadership. This is a remarkable tribute to a highly valued physician. It is a visible way to honor the philosophy that Dr. Marks espouses and it will inspire generations to come.

Listed below are those who have contributed to this honor:

Douha Safar, MD and Mounzer Agha, MD
Amada and Rashid Awan, MD
Mary Ann and Chuck Bogosta
Neha Choksi, MD and Rushir Choksi, MD
Michele and Theodore Crandall, MD
Nancy Davidson, MD and Thomas Kensler, PhD
Peter Ellis, MD
Cynthia Evans, MD
Jenny and Rafic Farah, MD
Diane Faust and Barry Lembersky, MD*
William Ferri, MD
Lanie Francis, MD and Elie Francis, MD
Michelle and David Friedland, MD
Mark Georgiadis, MD
Susan and Robert Gluckman, MD
Venus Hadeed, MD
Xu Liang and Jing-Zhou Hou, MD, PhD
Becky Burgwin and Patrick Kane, MD
Vanita and Nitin Kapoor, DO
Frances and Stewart Lancaster, MD
Diane and John Lech, DO
Hongmei Liang, MD
Renata and Edgardo Lob, MD
Edward Malloy, MD
Brian McLaughlin, MD
Alexis Megaludis, MD
Amita Mehta, MD and Dhaval Mehta, MD
Susan and Dennis Meisner, MD
Jaime Mullin, DO
James Ohr, MD
Suzanne Morrissey, MD and Dan Petro, MD
Cindy and Wayne Pfrimmer, MD
Lubna and M. Pervaiz Rahman, MD
Rosemarie and Kiran Rajasenan, MD
Ushaka Karumudi and Gopala Ramineni, MD
Hara and Anastasios Raptis, MD
John Rhee, MD
James Rossetti, DO
Robert Schillo, MD
Alison Seghal, MD
Patricia and Michael Sherry, MD
Sheryl Simon, MD
Teresa and William Spielvogel, MD
Min Sun, MD and Wen Zhu, MD
Grace Tarabay Caridad, MD and Kevin Caridad
Denise Voloshin, MD and Michael Voloshin, MD
Melissa Cyr, DO

You can learn more about the Stanley M. Marks, MD, Endowed Research Fund or make a donation in support of its efforts by calling 412-623-4700.

Endowed Chairs

Creating endowed chairs has proven to be particularly effective in recruiting, supporting, and retaining top leadership in a medical discipline. Endowed chairs are cornerstones for an academic organization such as ours — an organization where individuals' careers encompass myriad responsibilities. For the individuals whom they support, endowed chairs lend prestige, visibility and, most importantly, greater flexibility for the chair-holders to rapidly achieve their goals.

The Bernard Fisher Endowed Chair in Surgical Oncology
Established in 1990 with a donation from the ICI Pharmaceutical Group.
 David L. Bartlett, MD 2006-

The Claude Worthington Benedum Endowed Chair in Radiation Oncology
Established in 1990 by a gift from the University Radiotherapy Associations, Inc.
 William D. Bloomer, MD 1990-1993
 Joel S. Greenberger, MD 1993-

The Hillman Endowed Chair in Oncology
Established in 1993 with a gift from The Hillman Company.
 Ronald B. Herberman, MD 1993- 2009
 Nancy E. Davidson, MD 2009-2016

The Richard M. Cyert Endowed Chair in Molecular Oncology
Established in 1996 with a gift from the H.J. Heinz Company Foundation, in honor of Richard M. Cyert, PhD, a former President Emeritus and Professor of Economics and Management at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Cyert played a leadership role in increasing the awareness of the importance of private funding for cancer research.
 Richard D. Wood, PhD 2001-2008
 Bennett Van Houten, PhD 2008-

The Lawrence Ellis Endowed Chair in Hematology and Oncology
Established in 2000 with a gift from John F. and Rhodora J. Donahue to honor Lawrence Ellis, MD, who earned his degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 1958.
 Donald L. Trump, MD 2000- 2002

The Giant Eagle Foundation Endowed Chair in Cancer Genetics
Established in 2003 by a donation from the Giant Eagle Foundation.
 David C. Whitcomb, MD, PhD 2005-

The Sampson Family Endowed Chair in Thoracic Surgical Oncology
Established in 2004 by a gift from The J. Faye and Myles D. Sampson Family Foundation to support leadership in thoracic surgical oncology.
 James D. Luketich, MD 2006-2007
 Blair A. Jobe, MD 2010-2012
 Arjun Pennathur, MD 2014-

The Arnold Palmer Endowed Chair in Cancer Prevention
Established in 2005 with a donation from the Arnold D. Palmer Charitable Trust to enable UPMC Hillman Cancer Center to continue to grow and thrive as an outstanding national leader in cancer prevention, early detection and risk assessment, believing that providing perpetual support for experts in those areas in a critical step forward in transforming cancer from a life-threatening disease into a non-life threatening, chronic and relatively manageable illness.
 Emanuela Taioli, MD, PhD 2005-2008
 Jian-Min Yuan, MD, PhD 2013-

UPMC Endowed Chair in Head and Neck Cancer Surgical Research
Established in 2005 with a donation from UPMC.
 Jennifer R. Grandis, MD 2005- 2015

The Sandra and Thomas Usher Endowed Chair in Melanoma
Established in 2006 by a gift from Sandra and Thomas Usher to provide support for the University’s efforts in education and cancer research in melanoma.
 John M. Kirkwood, MD 2006 -

UPMC Endowed Chair in Lung Cancer Research
Established in 2007 by a donation from UPMC to support innovative research, research fellows, and other key initiatives of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.
 Jill M. Siegfried, PhD 2007-2013

The Gregory T.H. Davies Endowed Chair in Brain Tumor Research and Physician Education
Established in 2004 in honor of Gregory T.H. Davies, the former Wabtec president and chief executive officer.

The Jane and Carl Citron Endowed Chair in Colon Cancer
Established in 2008 with a gift from Tamco, Inc. in honor of Jane and Carl Citron.
 Kenneth K.W. Lee, MD 2008-

The Pittsburgh Foundation Endowed Chair in Innovative Cancer Research
Established in 2012 with gifts from a number of generous donors.
 Patrick S. Moore, MD, MPH 2013-

UPMC Endowed Chair in Cancer Virology Research
Established in 2013 by a gift from UPMC.
 Yuan Chang, MD 2013-

UPMC Endowed Chair in Cancer Prevention Research
Established in 2013 by a gift from UPMC.
 Shivendra V. Singh, PhD 2014-

UPMC Endowed Chair in Advanced Oncological Head and Neck Surgery
Established in 2012 by a gift from UPMC.
 Robert Ferris, MD, PhD 2014-

Stanley M. Marks, MD-OHA Endowed Chair in Hematology/Oncology Leadership
Established in 2016 by donations from physicians of the Oncology Hematology Association (OHA) in addition to UPMC.
 Chair TBN

Family Legacy Society

Often, a personal experience with cancer or loss of a loved one to the disease spurs a family or others to establish funds that honor a patient or caregiver through support of continuing efforts to better detect, prevent, and treat cancer.

Suzanne Hill Alfano Endowment for Lung Cancer Research
Nathan S. Arenson Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research
Adriane R. Aul Memorial Fund
The Keith F. Barket Mesothelioma Research Fund
Beckwith Family Foundation Endowed Research Scholars Program
The Heidi Browning Endowed Ovarian Cancer Research Scholars Fund
Ruth C. Brufsky Fund for Clinical Research on Pancreatic Cancer
Patti Burns Fund
Al Copeland Memorial Fund for Merkel Cell Carcinoma Research
Sadie Gerson Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program
Stuart Goodman Brain Cancer Memorial Fund
Peter E. Hackney Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research
Harvey G. Herberman, MD Memorial Cancer Research Fund
Dr. George W. Hiett Foundation Fund
Dr. Herbert E. Jacob Memorial Fund
Hyman I. Katz Cancer Research Fund
Barbara Klump Memorial Scholarship Fund
Frank W. Knisley Memorial Fund
Albert P. Knowles Research Fund
David C. Koch Memorial Fund
Mario Lemieux Patient Care and Cancer Research Fund
Scott Limbach Entrepreneurial Center
Stanley M. Marks, MD Endowed Research Fund
The Liliana Muhlmann Masoner Cancer Fund
Drew Mathieson Entrepreneurship Fund
James A. Mollica Jr. Research Endowment Fund
OHA Endowed Patient Assistance Fund
PNC Innovation Fund
Michael J. Parada Research Fund
Parada Family Liposarcoma Research Fund
Mark E. and Leah M. Pasquerilla Women's Cancer Research Fund
Pasquerilla Cancer Genomics and Proteomics Research Fund
Linda Saulle Endowed Memorial Fund
Frieda G. and Saul F. Shapira BRCA Cancer Research Program
The Spang Translational Research Core Facility
Joseph and Giovanna Tarquinio Memorial Fund
Edward Thaw Blood Research Fund
Edward Underhill Memorial Fund for Colon Cancer Research
Wayne Fusaro Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
Dr. Leonard S. Zombek Memorial Fund

Visionary Society

These dedicated partners have given or helped to raise a cumulative total of $1 million or more in support of cancer research and care.

American Cancer Society, Inc.
Family and Friends of Nathan S. Arenson*
Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation
DSF Charitable Foundation
Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute
The Giant Eagle Foundation
Theresa Heinz and The Heinz Endowments
Harriett L. and Ronald B. Herberman, MD
Highmark Foundation
Elsie H. and Henry L. Hillman
Henry L. Hillman Foundation
Hillman Foundation
Family and Friends of Albert P. Knowles*
New Era Cap Charitable Foundation and Family and Friends of David C. Koch*
Mario Lemieux Foundation
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Richard King Mellon Foundation
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
N.S.A.B.P. Foundation, Inc.
Arnold D. Palmer 2003 Charitable Trust
Mark E. Pasquerilla
PNC Financial Services Group and PNC Foundation
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Myles D. Sampson* and Family
The David S. and Karen A. Shapira Foundation
Sandra and Thomas Usher
Debi and Harold W. Wheeler III
Wheeler Family Charitable Trust

* deceased