UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

Giving and Development

Donors and Friends

At UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, we believe that every gift we receive represents an important investment in the tri-state region's finest cancer research and care. We wish to express our wholehearted appreciation to the individuals, families, businesses, corporations, foundations, advocacy organizations, and other groups who have so generously supported our programs. As individuals and as a collective whole, your recent gifts and continued interest in our efforts hold great promise to help advance the frontiers of cancer research and care. We express our most sincere thanks for your vote of confidence in our work!

We acknowledge and honor donors who have made various types and levels of gifts. Click to view a full listing of all of our donors in 2015.

Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope honors individuals, family foundations, and privately held companies that make contributions of $10,000 or more in a calendar year. This list recognizes those who were members in 2015:

Mounzer Agha, MD and Douha Safar, MD
Bruce and Cheryl Americus
Robert and Patrice Americus
Amada and Rashid Awan, MD
Wendy and David Barensfeld
Susan and David Bartlett, MD
Beckwith Family Foundation (G. Nicholas and Dorothy Beckwith, III)
Ken Bernstein
Thomas G. and Joan Bigley
Terry Blechman
Eva Blum
Richard M. Boccabella
Nadine Bognar
Charles and Mary Ann Bogosta
Gary and Barbara Bowser
Nancy B., MD and David A. Brent, MD
Jill and Adam Brufsky, MD, PhD
Seth J. and Jodi Brufsky
Shannon and Matt Cairone
C. Dale Cameron
Carl and Beth Campbell
Grace Tarabay, MD and Kevin Caridad, PhD
Neha Choksi, MD and Rushir Choksi, Md
Susan and Alan Citron
Mary and Jay Cleveland
Carrie and Adam Cohen
Marcia and David Colvin
Michelle and Theodore Crandall, MD
Crawford Consulting Services
Ellen Goodman and Randy Crawford
Joseph Curtin
Melissa Cyr, DO
L. Van V. Jr.* and Randi Dauler
Nancy E. Davidson, MD and Thomas Kensler, PhD
Jamini Vincent Davies
Miriam Donoho
Mary Lou and Richard Durr
Susan* and Daniel Edelstone, MD
Antoinette and Robert P. Edwards, MD
Peter Ellis, MD
Cynthia Evans, MD
Jenny and Rafic Farah, MD
Farrell Family Charitable Foundation
Diane Faust and Barry Lembersky, MD*
Anita and Gerald Feldman
William Ferri, MD
Laura Ferris, MD, PhD and Robert L. Ferris, MD, PhD
James Fitterling
Ethel & Philip Adelman Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Jane France and Chris Allison
Lanie Francis, MD and Elie Francis, MD
Gary Frazier
Michelle and David Friedland, MD
Mary Louise and Henry Gailliot
Patrick Gallagher
The William F. and Lynn D. Gauss Foundation
Karen and Mark Georgiadis, MD
Brenda and Roger Gibson
Tammy Shields and Mark T. Gladwin, MD
Franklyn and Dale Gorell
Thomas Grealish
Rhonda and Glen Gross
Susan and Barney Guttman
Venus Hadeed, MD and Antonio Achka, MD
Haleski Foundation
Vicki B. and F. Robert Hall
Hawksglen Foundation c/o Ms. Audrey King
Robert Hernandez
Margaret and John Hill, MD
The Audrey Hillman Fisher Foundation
Elsie* and Henry Hillman*
William Talbott Hillman Foundation
Cathy and Sy Holzer
Joel Hullett
Janis and Jonas Johnson, MD
Judith A. Lese Breast Cancer Foundation
Becky Burgwin and Patrick L. Kane, MD
Vanita and Nitin Kapoor, MD
Simone Karp
Usha Karumudi, MD and Gopala Ramineni, MD
Richard Kasdan, MD
Patricia and William Kassling
Karen and Joseph Kelley III, MD
Kathryn and Cary Klein
Kim and Don Kramer
Frances and Stewart Lancaster, MD
Diane and John Lech, DO
Anne Gendler and David Leib
Nathalie and Mario Lemieux
Kerry Bron, MD and Robert Levin
Hongmei Liang, MD
Carol and Mark Limbach
Renata and Edgardo Lob, MD
Christine and James Luketich, MD
Edward Malloy
Judy and Eugene Maloney
Cheri and Joe Manzinger
Maple Lane Farm
Nikol and Stanley Marks, MD
Myrna and Mark Mason
Rosemary Mazero
Rene McIntire
Linda and David McKamish
Brian McLaughlin, MD
Kathleen and David McSorley
Alexis Megaludis, MD
Amita Mehta, MD and Dhaval Mehta, MD
Susan and Dennis Meisner, MD
Donna Vitale and Jeff Moody
Vanessa and David Morehouse
Theresa Nimick-Whiteside, PhD
Gilda Nobel
Nord Family Foundation
James Ohr, MD
Saundra and Eugene O’Sullivan
Kathy and Demetrios Patrinos
Lynda and Kenneth Payne
Cathy and John Pelusi
Suzanne Morrissey, MD and Daniel Petro, MD
Terri and James Polacheck
Rebecca Schanberg and Jack Polsky
Lubna and M. Pervaiz Rahman, MD
Dorothy L. Raizman
Rosemarie and Kiran Rajasenan, MD
Hara and Anastasios Raptis, Md
David Rath
Diane and Frank Rath
Lillian Spang Rath
Dawn Amy and John Rhee, MD
Riggs Family Foundation
Roesch Family Foundation
Sharon and James Rohr
Stefania and Jeffrey Romoff
Anna and James Rossetti, DO
Diane and Clifford Rowe
Leslie and James Rutherford
Athena Sarris
Mikel and William Schenck, III.
Gwendolyn Schillo, MD and Robert Schillo, MD
Alison Seghal, MD
Barbara and Herbert Shear
Patricia and Michael Sherry, MD
Shirley Hobbs Martin Memorial
The Honorable Jacqueline Shogan
The Shirlie and Owen Siegel Foundation
Sheryl Simon, MD
Rebecca Snyder
The William I. and Patricia S. Snyder Foundation
William Spielvogle, MD
Elaine and James Steinfurth
Rachel and Scot Stevens
Becky and John Surma
Theodore 'Tip" Paul
Gayle Tissue and Yiannis Kaloyeropoulos
Bonnie and Thomas VanKirk
Denise, MD and Michael Voloshin, MD
William Watts
We Wish c/o Sherry Stoll
Denise Price
Joan Wheeler (In Memory of H.W. Wheeler, Jr)
Beth Wild
Jeanne and Larry Williams
The Woiner Foundation
Craig and Sally Wolfanger
Min Sun, MD and Wen Zhu, MD

* deceased