UPMC Hillman Cancer Center


Research within the CEPP examines the underlying causes of cancer and the effectiveness of novel cancer prevention methods, with a mission to reduce cancer burden and mortality. The research activities and scientific accomplishments of the CEPP are organized around two programmatic groups:

  1. The Cancer Epidemiology team is focused on identifying and validating novel environmental, hormonal, and genetic cancer risk factors; and
  2. The Cancer Prevention team is focused on evaluating and validating novel cancer prevention strategies, as well as identifying and testing the effectiveness of circulating biomarkers for early cancer detection.

Interacting with investigators from basic and clinical sciences, both groups maintain a translational focus by working in population settings and generating new knowledge with direct and immediate relevance to human applications.

The emergence and strength of multiple disease-specific programs led to major interactions between the CEPP and the Lung Cancer Program and Head and Neck Cancer Program, where CEPP members serve as co-leaders for projects within the respective SPORES.