Stethoscope and Pink Ribbon The UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program (BOCP) aims to translate novel women's cancer research findings into personalized prevention and treatment interventions; to educate researchers, physicians and the public about advances in women's cancer research; and to train the next generation of women's cancer physicians and researchers. Major research themes of the BOCP include:

  1. Basic cancer biology
  2. Diagnostic and prognostic markers
  3. Cancer prevention
  4. Molecular therapeutics

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Research Themes:

Basic Cancer Biology

Uncovering new molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression to identify novel therapeutic targets

Diagnostic and Prognostic Markers

Identifying, developing, and characterizing novel diagnostic and prognostic markers for breast and ovarian cancers

Cancer Prevention

Developing a multidisciplinary clinic centered on treating and studying women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer, and examining natural and synthetic compounds for cancer chemoprevention

Molecular Therapeutics

Testing clinical efficacy of novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of women's cancers