University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)

Dana Bovbjerg, PhD

Dana Bovbjerg
Professor, Department of Psychiatry (Secondary appointment in Department of Psychology)
Leader, Biobehavioral Oncology Program, UPCI

Contact Information

Contact Information

University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Hillman Cancer Center
5115 Centre Avenue, Suite 140
Pittsburgh, PA 15232-1301

Phone: 412-623-7771
Fax: 412-623-1119

Research Keywords

Research Keywords

Biobehavioral factors in cancer; cancer risk; cancer screening; cancer diagnosis; psychological factors in cancer; smoking behavior

Research Summary

Research Summary

Interdisciplinary studies of: biobehavioral factors in cancer; the emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and biological consequences of breast cancer risk; the contribution of biobehavioral factors to side effects of medical treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) and interventions that may ameliorate those effects; interactions between psychological and genetic factors in persistent smoking behavior; and, psychological influences on cancer screening decisions.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • Shelton RC, Hillyer GC, Hershman DL, Leoce N, Bovbjerg DH, Mandelbatt JS, Kushi LH, Lamerato L, Nathanson SD, Ambrosone CB, Neugut AI. Interpersonal influences and attitudes about adjuvant therapy treatment decisions among non-metastatic breast cancer patients: an examination of differences by age and race/ethnicity in the BQUAL study. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2013 Feb;137(3):817-28. PubMed Link
  • Styn MA, Bovbjerg DH, Lipsky S, Erblich J. Cue-induced cigarette and food craving: a common effect? Addict Behav. 2013 Mar;38(3):1840-3. PubMed Link
  • Vin-Raviv N, Hillyer GC, Hershman DL, Galea S, Leoce N, Bovbjerg DH, Kushi LH, Kroenke C, Lamerato L, Ambrosone CB, Valdimarsdottir H, Jandork L, Mandelblatt JS, Tsai WY, Neugut AI. Racial disparities in posttraumatic stress after diagnosis of localized breast cancer: The BQUAL study. J Natl. Cancer Inst. 2013 Apr 17;105(8):563-72. PubMed Link
  • Jensen-Johansen MB, Christensen S,Valdimarsdottir H, Zakowski S, Jensen AB, Bovbjerg DH, Zachariae R. Effects of an expressive writing intervention on cancer-related distress in Danish breast cancer survivors - results from a nationwide randomized clinical trial. Psycho-Oncol. 2013 Jul;22(7):1492-500. PubMed Link
  • Belfer I, Schreiber KL , Shaffer JR, Shnol H, Blaney K, Morando A, Englert D, Greco C, Brufsky A, Ahrendt G, Kehlet H, Edwards RR, Bovbjerg DH. Persistent postmastectomy pain in breast cancer survivors: analysis of clinical, demographic and psychosocial factors. J Pain 2013.Oct;14(10):1185-1195. PubMed Link
  • Jenkins FJ, Van Houten B, Bovbjerg DH. Effects on DNA and/or repair processes as biological mechanisms linking psychological stress to cancer risk. J Appl Biobehav Res. 2014 Feb1;19(1):3-23. PubMed Link
  • Montgomery GH, David D, Kangas M, Green S, Sucala M, Bovbjerg DH, Hallquist MN, Schnur JB. Randomized controlled trial of a cognitive-behavioral therapy plus hypnosis intervention to control fatigue in patients undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer. J Clin Oncol. 2014 Feb;32(6):557-63. PubMed Link
  • Linkov F, Burke LE, Komaroff M, Edwards RP, Lokshin A, Styn MA, Tseytlin E, Freese K, Bovbjerg DH. An exploratory investigation of links between changes in adipokines and quality of life in individuals undergoing weight loss interventions: Possible implications for cancer research. Gynecol Oncol. 2014 Apr;133(1):67-72. PubMed Link
  • Low CA, Bovbjerg DH, Jenkins FJ, Ahrendt SA, Choudry HA, Holtzman MP, Jones HL, Pingpank JF, Ramalingam L, Zeh HJ, Zureikat AH, Bartlett DL. Preoperative inflammatory biomarkers and neurovegetative symptoms in peritoneal carcinomatosis patients. Brain Behav Immun. 2014 Nov;42:65-8. PubMed Link
  • Posluszny DM, Dougall AL, Johnson JT, Argiris A, Ferris RL, Baum A, Bovbjerg DH, Dew MA. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms in newly diagnosed head and neck cancer patients and their partners. Head Neck. 2014 May 12 doi:10.1002/hed.23760. (In Press). PubMed Link

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Current UPCI/Pitt Collaborators

Mounzer Agha, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine

Gretchen Ahrendt, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery and the Director of Surgical Breast Services at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC
Member - Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program (BOCP)

Omar Awais, DO
Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery and the Chief of Thoracic Surgery at UPMC Mercy

David Bartlett, MD
Bernard Fisher Professor of Surgery, Chief of Surgical Oncology at UPMC CancerCenter
Member - Cancer Immunology Program (CIP)

Inna Belfer, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Member - Biobehavioral Oncology Program (BOP)

Mary Amanda Dew, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Clinical Epidemiology Program at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC

Charles Horn, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Member - Biobehavioral Oncology Program (BOP)

Current External Collaborators

Christine Ambrosone, PhD
Professor of Oncology and Chair of Cancer Prevention and Control
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Joel Erblich, PhD
Lecturer of Oncological Sciences
Mt. Sinai Hospital

Francis Keefe, PhD
Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Duke University

Alfred Neugut, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Associate Director for Population Sciences, and Co-Director of the Cancer Prevention Program
Columbia University

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