UPMC Hillman Cancer Center


April 2017 - UPCI Mourns the Loss of Oncologist Dr. Barry Lembersky

A dedicated and well-respected oncologist and researcher at UPCI/UPMC CancerCenter, Dr. Lembersky passed away on Thursday, April 13, 2017.

A graduate of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, Dr. Lembersky treated thousands of patients for breast, colon and pancreatic cancer for more than 30 years. His compassion for his patients and expertise in cancer treatment were well-known in his offices at the Hillman Cancer Center and Magee-Womens Hospital.

View his full obituary here.

April 2016 - UPCI Cytometry Facility is now on FluoroFinder

FluoroFinder is a free flow cytometry resource that can be used to streamline the panel design process on your favorite cytometer. FluoroFinder can help to save time on experimental design, can expand your current flow experiments, and can reduce costs from wasted reagents.

A few features include:

  • 147,000 different products from 20 companies in FluoroFinder’s database to choose from
  • Over 350 fluorochromes matched to the UPCI Cytometry Facility’s cytometer profiles
  • A virtual lab notebook to record notes on how well your panel worked
  • A sharing option to send panels directly to your colleagues or lab manager for ordering

To get started, you can access all of UPCI’s cytometers here. For a quick walk through of the panel building process, watch this YouTube video.


March 2016 - Now Available from TARPS: Paraffin Tissue Microarrays (TMAs) Generated from TCGA Cases

Tissue microarrays (TMAs) represent a relatively high-throughput tool that enables the analysis of hundreds of unique tissue samples simultaneously. This method significantly reduces inter-sample variability as well as the amount of time, tissue, and reagents required as compared with conventional marker screening methods.

UPCI Tissue and Research Pathology Services (TARPS) now offers a Paraffin Translational Tissue Resource (PTRR), which includes already developed and partially annotated TMAs from cancer cases provided by the University of Pittsburgh to The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project. This resource is available to faculty research investigators of the University of Pittsburgh who have eligible cancer research needs. Learn more about these TMAs and how to request slides.

September 2015 - Pitt Box Now Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage

Pitt.box.com now provides unlimited cloud storage for all University of Pittsburgh students, faculty, and staff.

Learn more about this and other new technology services at technology.pitt.edu.